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MANUEL D'UTILISATION No. 1+ "25 Women Holding Plant" Booklet

10 EUR

25 Women Holding Plant + botanical studies
2015, red pen on post-its I brought back from Mexico, botanical studies from my grand ma's orchid garden in pencil on paper
Booklet, 12 pages, printed in black and white on recycled paper, 29,7 x 21 cm, bound by sewing machine with red thread
I made these 25 drawings during my daily 12 stop line 9 metro ride to work. They depict different attitudes and ways you can hold a plant.

Edition: 50

Photos by Valentina Suter for edition-paradise

MANUEL D'UTILISATION is a project born in 2015 out of years of curiosity for the world. MANUEL D'UTILISATION is a self-published book project that investigates and explores mystical stories held in boxes under my bed and in my head. Without pretention and in a spontaneous way, it aims at opening a conversation and exploring everyday situations by investigating my archives of sketchbooks, diaries, travel photographs, texts, paintings and drawings I have been producing for so many years. MANUEL D'UTILISATION is a small edition bound by hand for you. MANUEL D'UTILISATION values all forms of expression and MANUAL labour.

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